When Winter is Here

What is the theme of this blog? Besides consistantly bad spelling and grammar, I don't think there really is one.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Topic request

Ok so I changed my mind on the "write about me" post. Though the two responses I recieved were flattering, I was actually looking more for the biography of Lauren. Either way I saw this as way to self-absorbed and scraped it.

My next idea is to put out a request for topics to write about. What do people want to hear? Are my ramblings ok or are there specific things that I should write about?

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Addendum to "On Being Happy"

This morning I remembered the exact phrasing of what my artist friend said about why she does art. She said, "By doing what is right for me, I am giving other people permission to do the same. " I think that says it much better than my rambling from yesterday.

Monday, April 10, 2006

On Being Happy

Today I went to a memorial service for a women who I had never met. I was touched by the impact that this women had on the people whom she worked with. She seemed to have a great attitude that she passed on to everyone she met. I felt that she set an example by the way she lived her life. I was inspired to think about my life by the stories that her friends told.
Thinking also about the letters my father wrote, I think that we have to live our lives very carefully. I know that we will be perpetually wondering what this is all about, what we are supposed to do, what is right and what is wrong and we will probably not get the answers. We can still try our best.
I am trying to catch myself more when I am not enjoying my day to the fullest. I try to think about how each day I am leaving something behind and I want that something to be good, to help make other people be more happy as well. I don't think that this means doing big things all the time. Just doing what is right for you and not regreting and being happy.

I had a friend in Phoenix who was an artist. She told me that when she first started to make art she felt bad that she did not have a big social message, but as she got older (she was 51) she began to realize that her art was really about her own happiness. That was also her message to her audience. She was an example of how to live your life more carefully, how to be happy.

One of my friend's (Kathy Taylor) paintings.

Anyways, though I am writing about this, as with all young people, the message takes a while to sink in. I am not living my life the way I would like all the time. Sometimes I forget and wallow in my own self pitty.

I am not like this women who was remembered today or my friend Kathy...but I am trying. And hey I guess acceptance is the first step.

Friday, April 07, 2006

So I heard a great song on KCRW the other day and I wanted to share it with others. The band is The Boy Least Likely To and the song is called Be Gentle With Me.

I love their little cartoons on the CD cover and Website (the was for you Chone!) They also play the xylophone, which in my opinion is a sadly underepresented instrument in rock music today.

If I had a band it would be made up of all underrespresented instruments. The name of the band could even be Underrepresented Instruments. We would play the xylophone, of course, and the cow bell and the kazoo or recorder. My friend Katie could play the Obo (which is one of those great words with only two letters, like Bob, B and O, hey Obo is the opposite of Bob! another great name)
The magic of this band is anyone could be in it. You wouldn't have to have any musical talent at all.
Oh, and water glasses, that would be a good one.

Monday, April 03, 2006

So I am sitting at work (late) trying to think of what to write on my blog. Thinking, thinking, thinking. But no matter what I think of it doesn't matter because then I would be making something up just to write about it. So I am just going to write about not being able to think about what to write about. I am sure this is a very original subject.
I did want to give up the blog but a friend objected and I foundd out I inspire another friend to start a blog of her own. (I think she was inspired in the same "to-comment-you-have-to-login-and-create-a-blog-of-your-own" way that I was.)
I have been reading other blogs to see what they write about and I think the key is doing stuff. Doing stuff that is interesting that you can then talk about. My problem is that I don't do too much and when I do it is not that interesting. Well that is not entirely true, it is just not that interesting to other people.
Like last night for instance. I watched the 40 Year old Virgin and Veronica Mars, which is an unusual amount of TV for me. I usually watch Lost because I am one of those nerds that totally gets into the sci-fi series (I watched x-files start to finish, even through the whole no-Mulder fiasco, I kept hopeing he would come back, I learned about disappointment then.) Then I talked with my roommate about Africa and did homework. Not much excitement there for other people, but I had a good night. 40 Year Old Virgin was surprizingly touching. And V Mars, come on, Veronica and Logan, no way!
I have thought about doing interesting stuff. On my way home yesterday I had thought about turning around and going to LACMA, since it is free after 5:00. There is an exhibit of 5 Klimts that would be Ok to see...but I didn't want to deal with traffic so as far as I got was switching from the left to the right lane.
Anyways, I think I might try this "free form" writing style for a while until I have some more interesting insight to offer the world of bloggers (aka the three friends that read my blog, when I tell them to.)

Easier Commenting

Now you can post a comment without loging in! Yeah!

Comment to your hearts content.

So normally I get all my great music from my friend Dan (see Floating Away's great post about April concerts.) But this time I found a jem of my own.
Nellie McKay sings bubblegum jingles about her dog, her cat, and boys, amoung other topics I am sure. Her boy songs are borderline scary songs about hurting or hating men in some form, but she sings them with a smile and you gotta love that! Her songs also have a self-depricating tinge to them, which, as anyone who has spent any time with me knows is right up my alley.But overall she has a great voice and plays beautiful piano and brings something different to the world of female voices.
I also think she looks a little like Rosanna Arquette, which adds a level of creapiness to the whole thing.

Check out some of her songs at www.myspace.com/nelliemckay1

My Favorites would have to be The Dog Song and Ding Dong, in honor of Jellybean and Blue.