When Winter is Here

What is the theme of this blog? Besides consistantly bad spelling and grammar, I don't think there really is one.

Thursday, March 30, 2006

Ruppert Bear, still going strong

I am experimenting with photos.

This is the talking Ruppert doll. He says, "Can we go for a picnic." He is about 50 years old and he still hasn't given up on that picnic.

Ah, those cooky brits!

Monday, March 27, 2006

Whats with all the Questions?

I am back, reinvigorated by a second comment (thank you Alexys!), with some ramblings on thinking.

A friend of mine once said to me "change is easy. we are changing all the time. See, I just changed from who I was a second ago. I just changed again." (ok, so I rephrased a little, this is the same girl who compared her ex to an amputated right arm and her current boyfriend to her left arm)...but the point is can we change just becuase we want too? Can you 'shut down' a part of you if it is getting in your way? If you say, "I don't like this about myself, I am going to change." Can you just do it like that?
I definitely think that there are poignent moments in my life when I have changed but I can't think of how it happened.
The human mind is unbelivable. How you can think about something so clearly but still have no control over it?

And what is with all the questions?

More ponderings on thinkings (haha) if you are interested:
I was thinking...How are we going to be remembered as individuals when we are gone? In my mom and dad's youth people wrote in diaries or sent letters. Today everything is electronic. That may be an advantage in some ways but I feel that an email is less likely to be saved as a hand written letter. Also the personality is lost. Picutres and videos lose that direct connection too. When I am dead, will anyone hold something that I have written?
I think it is too late to go back though.
What are the consequences? As I read letters written by my dad to my mom and I learn so much, I think about how my children will learn about me. I am afraid that they will not ever know what my life is like now because even I will forget and I will have nothing to help me remember. All of the emails and phone messages will be erased. Sure, I will have pictures, but the details will be forgotten.
A friend and I once tried to start writing letters to each other, but email is so much easier. We always ended up talking and telling each other everything that was in the letter before it got there.

My father wanted to be a writer (who knew? he was an engineer.)
Writing a book is the one way I see out of this dilemma. I have great idea for a book, based on my fathers letters. It will jump back and forth between my life now and my parents life when they were my age (using the letters to help tell the story, filling in the rest with info from friends and imagination.) What do you think? (Katie G, want to help?)

Sunday, March 26, 2006


Welcome to my first Blog.
I was actually tricked into this. I had to login to post a comment on my friend's wedding blog and to "login" you have to create a blog address. If you want to be optimistic you could say it was fate.
Not anticipating having to create my blog title this morning, I went through a lot of odd options. A few included; "Lets go to the park." which is what my father's Ruppert Bear toys says when you pull the string, "High on a Hill," a song title I like, and "Ukuthula", which is 'peace' in Zulu. I went with "When Winter is Here" instead. It is a line from a letter my father wrote my mother before they were married. Here is the rest of it;
Dear Sue,
I felt good this morning when I awoke.
It was cold, very cold.
That means winter is coming and it can't come too fast for me.
When winter is here, I will be with you.