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Monday, April 03, 2006

So normally I get all my great music from my friend Dan (see Floating Away's great post about April concerts.) But this time I found a jem of my own.
Nellie McKay sings bubblegum jingles about her dog, her cat, and boys, amoung other topics I am sure. Her boy songs are borderline scary songs about hurting or hating men in some form, but she sings them with a smile and you gotta love that! Her songs also have a self-depricating tinge to them, which, as anyone who has spent any time with me knows is right up my alley.But overall she has a great voice and plays beautiful piano and brings something different to the world of female voices.
I also think she looks a little like Rosanna Arquette, which adds a level of creapiness to the whole thing.

Check out some of her songs at www.myspace.com/nelliemckay1

My Favorites would have to be The Dog Song and Ding Dong, in honor of Jellybean and Blue.


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